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What to Wear

It’s already overwhelming enough to add a new baby to the family…then trying to decide what to wear for pictures.  I say keep it simple for the Family Newborn Pictures What to Wear stress!  No fuss outfits are best with more than one wiggly little.  There will be lots of moving parts for this photo shoot and keeping outfits in place is something no one wants to mess with when the brother finally smiles and sister is finally sitting and not running away!  Another tip is to nix the shoes. Not only do you typically only see the bottoms of them anyway, but it just feels safer around the newborn if the siblings are running jumping or kicking to get away!

Since I shoot on the white backdrop I like to recommend light colors to let the people be the stars.  Also keeping patterns fairly simple.  Sometimes the newborn can be bare…or if you are worried about bathroom “opps” (which almost always happens) then you could choose to bring an outfit for newborn as well or I typically have newborn rompers and wraps in the studio.  Just be sure if you are getting an outfit for newborn to keep it VERY fitted…so premie or very fitted onsie.  Outfits typically overwhelm baby and doing frilly dresses or overalls will just cover baby up and be hard to see how tiny baby truly is.

Ok…here are my pics for a SPRING Family Newborn Pictures What to Wear

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Here are some more pics I found to mix and match or go more gray or more cream or more blue…you know all the options!

Did you know I did a whole WHAT TO WEAR series last September?  You can find all those Posts here.

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