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Spring Sneakers

This week it seems I have been shopping and shopping for some Spring Sneakers.  I waiver back and forth between… “Uhh…I really need some shoes to work out in…but then I have to work out!”  and “Maybe I just get some cute ones to wear out and about pretending to workout!”  I mean…with a size 11 foot shoes aren’t exactly what I would call CUTE on me!  But hey…I’m not wrapping my feet to shrink them so I guess I’ll just do my best to pull it off!

Spring Sneakers MelissaP I N_______I M A G E


So I am kinda loving this Wednesday Favorites posting so far…it makes me feel like I am shopping and buying…but also lets me think things thru and give it some thought.  Basically I spend all week searching and pinning and then get to narrow things down here on Wednesday’s!  Can’t beat that kind of window shopping right!

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