When To Photograph Baby First Year Portraits

When To Photograph Baby

Baby’s first year is a blur of everyday changes and new routines and well…figuring it all out. When to Photograph Baby is one of those questions I get often! Of course we have that pull to set up a session every time they do something new…why wouldn’t we…they are too cute!

However…over the years I have learned that there are 3 key times to capture great images! Of course throwing some mini sessions in, in between is alright too. Just keep in mind that baby’s under 4 months aren’t very strong with their heads yet so doing anything other than laying in a basket or on a blanket is tough.


The “newborn” stage is a short one and often times a very SLEEP deprived one! When we are talking about a Newborn session this would take place in the first 14 days after baby is born. It is important to have your due date on the books in advance so you can just message the photographer when baby arrives to schedule the actual session date. As we all know, baby’s have their own timing on when they come into this world…so scheduling in advance isn’t always possible.


All babies are different but typically they aren’t yet sitting up for their “Six Month Photos”. Some are…but most aren’t, typically it is closer to 7.5 or 8 months. I like to wait until baby is sitting well on their own to schedule this session. For me I want my clients to get the most out of every session…and with baby sitting well, we can get many different poses with props, without, and laying on belly, laying on back, etc. etc. Before they can sit you are limited to what they can do. My advice is to contact your photographer when baby starts sitting…and try to schedule for 2 weeks to a month from that time and they should be more steady.

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That One Year Milestone is hard to let go by and not capture portraits. This is always a fun one to grab some family shots at as well as a cake smash if that is your thing! I will say it is about 80/20 on baby’s hating the cake…or liking it! Most are like…What’s on my hands! ha!

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