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Wednesday Favorites

Fashion Inspiration

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Since my birthday is coming up I was working on a “wish list” for a few people who had asked.  While doing that I thought…”Shoot, I love window shopping and tagging favorites all the time.  Why not do a weekly or bi-weekly FAVORITES post”.  So…here it is!  This week I am apparently truly loving Black on Bottom things…shoes, pants, slippers!  I guess I think I am good to go on tops and just need to improve my lower half!  So here are this weeks Wednesday Favorites Fashion Inspiration!

(items in this post are affiliates and while they will not cost any different for you I may earn a percentage of the sale…and then score a Sonic Drink or two!)


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If you are ever wondering WHAT to Wear for sessions.  I have LOTS of posts.  You can find them here.

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