Screen Your Butt its Colon Cancer Awareness Month

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Screen Your Butt its Colon Cancer Awareness Month

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Hey you…yeah you… SCREEN YOUR BUTT its Colon Cancer Awareness Month!

The World Turned PINK and Thank goodness it did!  We are all very aware of self breast exams, mammograms, etc.  And this information is saving our lives!  We are so blessed to have this information and these tests!

Colon Cancer Awareness MonthP I N_______I M A G E

Now it is time to turn the world BLUE as well and SCREEN YOUR BUTT too!  Colon Cancer is being found in people younger and younger.  It’s a sneaky one…it has so many symptoms that can be written off as something else.  If you have unexplained symptoms that can’t be nailed down request a colonoscopy.  It’s most likely not Cancer…but why not do the screening?  You don’t even have to have a referral…you can make an appointment and just go!  Yeah, so, the prep kinda stinks (he he he)..but its not so bad…and the screening itself takes no time at all and you feel nothing!

Put on your BLUE…and talk to someone today about Colon Cancer!

#screening saves

Just a few things that might make your screening prep a bit more bearable!
(feel free to click on the links below, they are affiliate links that won’t cost you anything extra but I may make a few cents from them)

Because..softness really does matter…

The Squatty Potty…you may laugh…but if you have a bad back…this thing could be your new best friend!

Poo-Pourri…need I say more?

Dude Wipes…no really…its a thing!


American Cancer Society –

Colon Cancer Alliance –

Fight Colorectal Cancer –

Love Your Melon – Great Quality Hats…Great Cause

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