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Melissa Rieke Photography ~ Kansas City Newborn Photographer

2013 Kansas City Holiday Shopping Guide



Have you visited the Kansas City Moms Blog?  So much fun stuff, information, and community being shared over there…you must check it out!

They are doing a fabulous shopping guide to help jump start your holiday shopping.  There are also LOTS of fun giveaways…so run over there and enter to win…and start shopping LOCAL!

Melissa Rieke Photography is participating in the shopping guide as well…and I have soooooooo (ooooo) many ideas for you for those hard to buy for Mom’s out there!

Starting with the Heirloom Society…the more I talk about this the more excited I get!  Everyone says “the gift that keeps on giving”…well this gift truly does…and it isn’t just for the person you are gifting it to…it is also for their family and their friends for generations to come.  As we all know moms are never in pictures…we are the ones TAKING THEM!  The Heirloom Society is putting mom in front of the camera…SCARY…no…not scary at all!  PERFECT…just what Mom needs…just what her son needs, her husband needs, her daughter, her mother, her best friend!  Think of how much you treasure that old picture of you and your mom…you know the one you snapped on your graduation day…the one you hold on to for dear life because it is one of VERY few that you have with JUST the two of you together!  Those are they kinds of images we will be creating with this journey thru the Heirloom Society!

The Society is going to be kicking off in January!  Find out more about it at the link below!  Purchase this as a gift for your friend and yourself…you sister and your mother…your wife…your mother in law.  It is truly a gift of love and from the heart.

Melissa Rieke Photography ~ Heirloom SocietyP I N_______I M A G E

Do you know a mama that is expecting in 2014?  What could mean more than beautiful portraits of her new little one.


Melissa Rieke Photography ~ Kansas City Newborn PhotographerP I N_______I M A G E

Portraits are a gift that last forever, that capture your family, that tell your story…they are your Legacy…treasured Heirlooms!

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