Fitness Friday | Advocare {Melissa Rieke Photography}

Fitness Friday | Advocare | Melissa Rieke Photography

Fitness Friday


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Yay its Fitness Friday | Advocare | Melissa Rieke Photography time!!  Today I wanted to share a few links that are very informative and helpful to learn more about Advocare…and how Advocare is a great choice when pregnant or nursing!  First here is a link to the products that are “safe” for pregnancy and nursing. 

So many  great Advocare products pair well for pregnancy and nursing a few would be:

Rehydrate  Rehydrate

Catalyst Catalyst™



Meal Replacement ShakesMeal Replacement Shake

You can read a lot more about these products and how they can help you thru your journey at this wonderful blog “Butler, Party of 3”  she has a great post about all of these products and pregnancy!

There was also this wonderful article today that I had to share from the MCRM Fertility & Women’s Health Center, who is going to start offering Advocare in their clinic.

Want to learn more about Advocare products?  Want to make a Financial Change?  Contact me to find out more!

Fitness Friday Advocare Pregnancy Nursing Melissa Rieke PhtoographyP I N_______I M A G E




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