Tall Girl Jumpsuit Rompers | Yes We Can Wear Them Too

Tall Girl Jumpsuit Rompers

Yes, We Can Wear Them Too


When Jumpsuits (or I call them Rompers…I realized that Jumpsuits are long…and Rompers are shorts…now that I did lots of searching) first came on the market I thought…cute…but no way in (well) would I wear one. I mean… Tall Girl Jumpsuit Rompers not really a thing.

Then I tried one and thought ok…not so bad.  THEN I got one similar to this one…

Tall Girl Jumpsuit Rompers

Tall Girl Jumpsuit Romper Sporty Everyday Comfy What To Wear BlackIf you have seen me for a newborn session the last two years in the warmer months…I have most likely had this on!  It is the BEST THING EVER for newborn shoots.  Listen, my newborn sessions are like hot yoga for me…I’m on the floor bending moving stretched out…and trust me…pants with a shirt that may come up isn’t great.  Butt crack doesn’t sell…bwwhhhaaa!  So this romper solution was MAGIC for me!

Well I finally sprung for a new model and I am LOVING it.  It is a bit more of a splurge but I know I will wear it.  I mean this thing is literally my Newborn Session uniform in the summer!  This one is LONG.  The reason I like the elastic leg in my previous one is because I could never find one that had an open leg that was long enough…but this one is perfection!    I mean if you are short it may be too much for you long.  I love that this one is drapey and loose so I can move and feel comfy all day.

Evereve Jumpsuit Tall Girl Romper Black Comfy Summer

I have been on the lookout for a Dressy Romper option to shoot weddings in.  Weddings are similar, I move around a lot…but need to be covered AND I need to look nice.  I have had my eye on this one for awhile I’m just a little concerned about the torso length.  I am going to pull the trigger and order it for my April wedding to see if I can pull it off!

Dressy Tall Girl Jumpsuit Romper What To Wear Wedding Photographer

Not only am I romper obsessed…but so is my Middle Daughter Lucy.  They are so flattering on her and she is not super girly girly so the “pant dress” works well for her!  I’ll have to post another day with younger styles that work for Long Torso girls as well!

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Tall Girl Jumpsuit Rompers

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