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Styled Christmas Set

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If you don’t know it yet Restoration Emporium is my most favorite West Bottom vintage store in KC.  So to say I was thrilled that they agreed to let me do a Styled Christmas Set in their store would be an understatement!  With our studio building being sold and not knowing what was happening with it I had to scramble to find a location for my annual Modern Holiday indoor minis.  Typically when thinking and dreaming up sets I at some point have to make a trip to RE to find the resources for those sets…so my first dream was…WHAT IF I COULD JUST BUILD THE SET THEIR…WITH THEIR STUFF!  Eeeks!  It was perfect!

Usually it takes me a bit of time to get my thoughts in order…so I went Thursday to start building me set…with no particular idea in mind.  The elevator doors opened up to the 5th floor where I was planning to shoot…and the sun was beaming in the big warehouse windows right on this HUGE gorgeous white mantle!  I don’t think I needed a bigger sign that that.  Immediately we changed slightly where we would shoot…the guys told me they could get the mantle to stand safely against the perfect wall…and bam…a set was born.  Like it was all meant to be!

I was so excited to incorporated some amazing signs from one of the RE vendors that I adore.  I have my eye on one of these large signs…I just haven’t nailed down a perfect quote for my family yet.  I found the perfect little vintage rocking horse to fill the space just so to give that Christmas spirit.  And then…I went crazy and had to tone back my obsession with all things #Magnolia!  Did you know that RE sales Joanna Gaines MAGNOLIA line?  Yep…right here in KC…and you can support your local doers, makers, creators by purchasing there instead of in one of the Big Box (not naming names) stores that also carries it.

Ok Ok…enough of my story on building the sweetest Styled Christmas Set for my Modern Holiday/Very Vintage Christmas Minis!  On with the cute littles!

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