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Stitch Fix Outfit Reviews

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I feel like I am hitting a groove with my Stitch Fix boxes.  I have a great stylist Kate that I have had the last few fixes and I have loved many pieces and can’t wait to see what she sends next.  This week I am going to share a video of me opening the box and my first reactions.  Then I decided to style the pieces with some of my “closet” pieces and give you some Stitch Fix Outfit Reviews.


Simona Henley Blouse by Alice Blue  – KEEP

Archor Lace Sleeve Trim Knit Top by Loveappella – RETURN

Cindie Linen Short by Level 99 – RETURN

Levi Dress by Brixon Ivy – KEEP

Lillie Cuffed Short by Dear John – KEEP

Ok…let’s talk about this beautiful Simona Henley floral Blouse.  I was hesitant at first as I overly observed the style of floral print and the different shade of pink.  But then after I put it on I really liked it…and found several ways I would like to wear it this spring.  With Jeans, with shorts, with a bright pink pencil skirt I have, with a blazer…etc.  So it went in the keep pile.

Next up…these Cindie Linen Shorts…I really really wanted to keep them and was so on the fence until the last minute.  This style of short is what I wear more of so I knew I would wear them.  The two things that held me back was one of the buttons was about to fall off.  Which to be honest I could have sewed back on and I had another issue with an item from Stitch Fix and they offered me a discount so I have no doubt they would have made it right.  However they were just a tad bit too big as well.  So with the price I decided I would send them back.  These were a hard decision.

Stitch Fix Outfit Review Kansas City Mom Style Fashion Spring Subscription BoxP I N_______I M A G E

I did decide to keep these Lillie Cuffed Short by Dear John.  I can’t say I have fallen in love with jean shorts…but these do fit better than any I have found in the last few years.  They aren’t so tight on my thighs that I am constantly pulling them down…and my legs aren’t turning purple…ha.  They also fit well in the waist which for some strange reason jean shorts never fit in the waist and the legs on me.  I also liked the length of them…not to short and not too long.  I am expecting to get some good wear out of these this summer.

Stitch Fix Outfit Review Mom Style Fashion Spring Subscription BoxP I N_______I M A G E

THIS DRESS!  The Levi Dress by Brixon Ivy.  Oh dear did I fret over this one.  It fits PERFECTLY.  Great length…hits at my natural waist and flows down so there are no weird hip issues like other dresses.  The straps were what was holding me back.  They don’t hit where your bra straps hit…so you have to wear a strapless…and well…I just didn’t think I was a fan of the strap.  However…I really like the top of the dress…the way it comes up a bit higher around the arm pits  (I like to call it my extra boob…too bad I didn’t have all that in my chest it would look so much better there!).  Of course I love the stripes and really love the look with the Jean jacket as well.  Over all…I think it will be a Easy wear which is always a good thing!  Throw it on and go.

Stitch Fix Outfit Review Black White Striped Spring Subscription BoxP I N_______I M A G ELet’s take a minute and talk about my hair.  It’s SOO long right?  Hasn’t been this long (all the pieces this long anyway) in years.  Second…I tried my hand at curling it.  My kids said “WHOA MOM…your hair”.  I’m going to go with “they just don’t like change”…ha!  I’m going to keep trying though…maybe I can get it to a point that I don’t look like a rookie!

Stitch Fix Outfit Review Black White Stripe Spring Subscription Box Denim JacketP I N_______I M A G E

How fun is my Wristology Watch?  I am so excited to get a few more styles…they are so stylish and so affordable so no reason not to have MANY!  HA!

Stitch Fix Outfit Review Levi Dress Black White StripeP I N_______I M A G EStitch Fix Outfit Review Simona Henley Blouse Lillie Cuffed ShortP I N_______I M A G E

Mothers day is just around the corner! Treat your mom to a FIX! Gift her a Gift Card and let her enjoy the styling all year long!

P I N_______I M A G EJust a note.  Most of the links in my posts are affiliate links that I could possible make a bit of money from if you use them to purchase.  This doesn’t change the price for you at all.  Also I would never share anything that I didn’t already love and want to share with you anyway!

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