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Learn To Use Your Camera

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Learn To Use Your Camera, FINALLY!  Did you get that DSLR camera that you were dying for?  Has it sat on the shelf since the day after you received it because you don’t know how to use it?  Is sports season around the corner and you want to capture your little ones first slide into home?  Maybe your baby started to smile and you just can’t capture it with your phone? Or is it your toddler with that sweet little curl by her ear that you never want to forget?

This course includes videos that you can watch in your own time, at your own speed with Lessons that are hands on so you start learning and doing immediately!  Also I have added a group FB community so you can ask questions and get feedback!

What to Expect:

  • Learn your way around your camera | How to set it up for best use
  • Learn how to control the settings to get the image you want | Getting off the Automatic Box
  • Learn the best lighting for beautiful portraits
  • Learn how to focus and how to create that “blur” in the background
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What you’ll get:

  • Easy Step By Step Video Instructions on How To Set up Your Camera For Success
  • A Hands on Guide to Using Your Camera’s Modes
  • Learn and Do Videos teaching you how to have complete Customized Control over your cameras settings in Manual Mode

This course is a beginners Photography course teaching you how Exposure works with your DSLR camera.  It is created in easy bite sized videos that even the busiest of busy can accomplish.  Included are assignments so you can learn and then go out and do and get familiar with the camera.  By the end you will be grabbing and snapping pics like it is old habit!

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In this course you will have lifetime access to the trainings and videos so you can learn on your own time as quickly or as slowly as you need. With hands on learning assignments you will be able to practice your new skills immediately! Each video is created to be short and build on the last one to help you start taking better pictures with your camera.

Not Ready For A Full Course?

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