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All Consulting Services are offered via phone or video conferencing.  Follow The Link below, schedule your session and Let’s Get To Work!

Discovery Session:  Let’s discover where you are in your business or shooting or editing what you need help with the most. This session will help to get clarity on what things are most important and give you a path of what is next.

30 min | $75

Strategy Session:  After the Discovery Session we dig deep and make a plan of attack to get those “most importants” started and going.  We start with an email questionaire to get to know your business/photography details even further so we can create a custom plan for you. This session will leave you with action steps and information to make it happen.

1 hr | $350

Follow Up Pack:  You now have a plan of action…but you need to stay on top of it!  This Follow Up pack includes 3 – 15 minute sessions to answer quick questions and keep accountability on the tasks.

15 min (3) | $100