Packing for Family Ski Trip

Packing For Family Ski Trip

What to Pack for Ski Day

We are weeks away from our 3rd Annual Ski Trip.  This will be our second year back at Winter Park Resorts and the kids are so excited. (I’m guessing not as excited as mommy is though).  I thought I would share with you how I start the “Packing for the Family Ski Trip” process!  Yes…it is a process!

Packing For Family Ski Trip Vacation Colorado Winter ParkP I N_______I M A G E

First up…we get out the tote about mid November and make sure everyone fits in their snow gear.  If not, I hop online and start ordering.  I like to order around Thanksgiving for the deals…but even before that if I want to get matching sets that aren’t sold out.  I think it is harder to find winter gear after the Holiday’s.

When we go skiing we typically ski for 3 to 4 days.  But I only pack ski gear for 2 days, then take advantage of the Laundry machine in the home we rent.  No reason to pack for 4 days if you can wash in between!

So I went LIVE on FB talking about the things I pack per kid…here it is!

Here is the Breakdown of what I bring for each kiddo for ski days! (then I wash and repeat)

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      1. Parka.  For the kids we prefer the Landsend collection.  They have a Grow-A-Long feature that allows the coats and pants to last several years.  I like the “Squall Parka” it seems to be the warmest.
      2. Snow Pants.  Our kids have not had great luck with pants so we stick with bibs.  The bibs A. keep their pants from falling down…and B.  They keep the snow out of their bottoms when they fall down.  We stick with Lands End for these as well.
      3. Long Underwear:  Our favorite is the Under Armour Cold Gear.  We pack two sets for each kid.  They wear the Cold Gear and then throw on a pair of sweat pants and sweat shirt over the top if it is extra chilly.  Many times the cold gear and snowsuits are all they need.  Wear one…wash one.  So we don’t have to pack more than 2 sets each.

4.  Warm Socks:  Warm Socks are a must!  We typically do not double up on socks unless they are absolutely freezing.  The ski boots are so tight that they can’t fit both pairs (unless you have the pre fitted with both socks on).  We go with thick wool boot socks.  We pack two pairs (for two ski days…and wash and repeat).

5. Balaclava:  WHAT you say?  I agree.  I like to call it a helmet hat!  This thing is another MUST.  It keeps your head warm….but also your neck.  We didn’t have these the first year but purchased them after the first day.  For us the kind with fleece on the neck part and the spandex on the head.

6.  Gloves:  This is where it gets all “layer’y” .  First off you need a good pair of snow gloves.  My kids prefer mittens, I think they feel like they can grip better.  Under the Mittens we put a pair of inexpensive knit gloves.  Under that we have long arm length fingerless gloves to keep the skin covered.

Packing For Family Ski Trip Winter Park ColoradoP I N_______I M A G E

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