Newborn Session Essentials

Let’s talk about all the Newborn Session Essentials to have on hand and close by as you pose the babies. These items will help make your session go smoother and clean much easier!


To grab any of these must haves just click the image and it will take you to the site to purchase! These are affiliate links and I may make a percentage of the sale.

Let’s talk about each item and WHY it is a must have Newborn Session Essentials.

  • Oil Diffuser – I start diffusing doTERRA Lavender Essential oils in the studio about an hour before each session to help calm the mood and create a peaceful environment for baby and parents.
  • Conair Sound Machine – The sound machine recreates the sounds from the womb and also helps to distract from other noises that may be in the studio.
  • Dyson Space Heater – As well as having the heat in the room turned up you will want to have a space heater to warm baby. I love this Dyson model because it is not hot to the touch and can rotate if needed. It also blows the warm air which is soothing to baby.
  • Baby Shusher – This little item is fairly new to my mix but one of my favorites. This SHUSSHHHing machine allows me not to do the shusshing…and is a rhythmic noise the babies seem to love.
  • Philips Avent Pacifier – It is nice to keep these on hand in case mom and dad didn’t have one…or if they are allowing one but haven’t gotten one yet. A pacifier can help you get thru a pose allowing baby to settle before they need to feed again. I like this brand and style because it does not leave marks on baby’s face…and they are easier to remove by twisting to loosen baby’s latch.
  • Disposable Underpads – I use these for everything. Once baby is undressed we wrap baby in these so they do not mess thru while we hold baby to feed or sooth. I put them under my posing blankets as to not soil all of the prop blankets. I use them for changing pads. Basically buy them and buy in bulk! I probably average 4-6 a session.
  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes – I’m not sure there needs to be an explanation for this one. You will use them for all the things!
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer – Again…you will use it and use it…and parents will be grateful!
  • Receiving Blankets – You will use the receiving blankets to help pose baby and prop them up. I would say you need about 8 to have folded in different ways and use with different poses and in props.
  • Baby Wash Cloths – You will also use these to help prop up baby and hold in poses…the cloths are smaller than the receiving blankets for minor adjustments. They are also easy to grab for spit up.
Newborn Session Essentials.  What you must have for a successful newborn photography session.

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Watch Me Edit A Newborn Session Here.


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