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Fitness Friday

My Journey & Results

and Advocare


I have decided to be BRAVE and share a bit more of my story with all of you…and my results…and pictures…eeeks!  Let me start with my WHY!

If you know me…I am a tall gal..I have a pretty thin build…and most would think I would not need to be on this “journey”.  As we all know though…we all have our issues…and we all have our journeys to make! Also, if you know me…I am kinda busy…just a little…three kiddos…three businesses…and LIFE in general keeps us on our toes!  Well last summer I started hitting bottom.  I am not going to say I hit rock bottom…but I wasn’t where I wanted to be.  Our lives got very busy last Spring!  I was working the Kansas City Symphony SHOWHOUSE, the kids were all three playing ball on three different teams, wedding season was in full swing and double the amount from the year before…etc. etc.  I was running on full steam plus some!  We were eatting out 5 to 6 days a week.  During ball season we were at the ball fields every night of the week.  I was shooting during the day…and eatting out some more! 🙂   I on MULTIPLE occasions found myself with THREE (I like the number 3 I guess) Fast Food Bags in my car from ONE DAY!

I dabbled a little in some exercise…you know the type.  Do a few bicep curls…a few lunges…walk a few laps and call it good for the week…or month! 🙂 I wasn’t doing much.  I have struggled with pretty severe chronic back pain for 15 or so years.  My back was at its worst. I was living on Alieve, Heat Packs, and Backbraces.  I was in constant pain…and it was beginning to get depressed a bit from it.  At that time school started back up….we started getting busy all over again.  I saw my friends changing and getting in shape and I was getting ansy! 🙂  I was ready.  My Friend Megan had been offering me a SPARK drink all summer and I had been turning her down.  At the end of September I decided enough was enough…things were going to change!

I purchased a canister of SPARK from my Friend Megan.  The first day I drank it was one of the most productive days I had had all of 2013!  I also decided to start SHRED (a workout class in Tonganoxie) at Free State Fitness.  When I began, I believed I would go 3 days a week if I could, I really didn’t believe my back would allow me to continue.  I had the best instructor that modified every move that I couldn’t do.  She stuck with me…and helped me along.  The first week I went 3 times…the next 4…then I went 5 days every week for the rest of the 8 week program.  This program really taught me how to work on my calories…not eat out..and make big changes.  So since I couldn’t eat out much any more…my morning Sonic Burrito was out…I was eatting one every day for breakfast…I talked with my friend Megan again and she recommended I try Advocare’s Meal Replacement Shake.  I was hesitant because I needed something that would sustain me thru 3 hour newborn sessions…and busy wedding days!  These shakes were PERFECT!  I drink one pretty much everyday since October!

With SHRED…with the help of a better eatting plan…and with SPARK and Berry SHAKES I made some big changes.

In 8 weeks I…

Dropped 8.2 lbs

Dropped 7inches

Dropped 10% body Fat (Yes 10%)

I also gained so much strength in my back.  My back hadn’t felt so good in YEARS!

Ok…so here is me being BRAVE!

Fitness Friday Advocare  Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G EFitness Friday Advocare  Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G EFitness Friday Advocare  Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G EFitness Friday Advocare  Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

The first 8 weeks was a pretty awesome change for me!  This past 8 weeks…was amazing really!  I keep saying I am amazed at what my body will do because I LET IT!

So in January I was feeling so much better…my back was better…I was happy with where I was…but I was still wanting to gain more strength…and I craved more ENERGY.  Let’s face it…I was drained.  I was working out HARD for an hour a day…on Wacky Wednesday’s I would workout twice a lot of the time.  I was working on sessions, juggling the kids…and the SNOW DAYS…what mom doesn’t CRAVE more energy! 🙂  So I started talking with my friend Megan about the 24 Day Challenge…and Ernie and I decided we would do it!  So it began!  Ernie and I did the challenge.  He lost 7lbs and 7″ in the 24 Days…I still can’t believe the difference in him just in the first 4 days.  He has since to lose more and is continuing to lose.  I am so excited for him.  I lost 3.5lbs and 3.25″…and I was starting to see muscle definition thanks to the heavier lifting and the Catalyst.   I was also feeling incredible energy!  Which is hard to find in the dead of winter…especially this 2014 KANSAS has not been fun.

I finished up the 8 weeks of SHRED.  My goal was to get stronger…so I pushed harder to lift heavier weight…to push thru all my reps…and to TRY not to stop!  I can do anything for a MINUTE … at least that is what I tell myself! 🙂 I ended this round of SHRED with the help of ADVOCARE with some pretty exciting results!  And now I can’t wait for short sleeve weather and SWIM season to get here!

2nd Round SHRED + Advocare

Dropped 9lbs

Dropped 8.75 inches

Dropped 1.5% body fat

Gained amazing energy, stronger back, defined muscles, and CONFIDENCE!

Here I go…being brave again…

Fitness Friday Advocare  Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

Fitness Friday Advocare  Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

OH what a goof ball I am!

Strong Body ~ Strong Mind!

Fitness Friday ~ Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

Thanks for following my journey.  I am excited to keep posting more workouts, some fun nutritional tips, and more on Fitness Fridays!


Ready for your own journey to begin?  Kick Start it with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!  Let your body show you what it can do!

Advocare ~ Melissa Rieke PhotographyP I N_______I M A G E

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