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What I’m Reading Right Now

Best Spring Reads for Women

Sorry to any of my male followers…this post is all about the Best Spring Reads For Women.  Ok ok…you got me.  I don’t do a lot of actual reading.  I pretty much Audible or Podcast everything.  Listen, I’m a mother of 3 teenagers (well one is only 11), a business owner, and we live in the boonies so I spend a LOT of time in my car.  But there are a few books I will actually take the time to sit down and read.

THIS is one of them.

What IP I N_______I M A G E

I read Rachel’s book “Girl Wash Your Face” once, and listened to it TWICE on audible.  So I knew I would love her newest one as well…I think I pre-ordered it before she even wrote it!

I have already listened to “Girl Stop Apologizing” once on audible and now I am going back to read the book as well.  Then I imagine I will listen again.  I don’t want to miss a thing…and Rachel gives you a swift kick in the behind when you need it!

What IP I N_______I M A G E

I’m also currently ALL in on the Amy Porterfield Podcast … hint hint…she is helping me to bring those courses I promised you to life!

Need a few other ideas revisit this blog post.

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