4th of July Mini Sessions | Vintage Blue Chevy

4th of July Mini Sessions


It’s true…a few years ago when I built my giant pallet wood flag I was in LOVE with it and those images.  They are still some of my favorite of all time and each year I try to compete with those for my 4th of July Mini Sessions!

This year…I think I may have gotten close with the set!  Years ago I borrowed my Grandparents Vintage Blue Chevy for some pics with my kiddos and then again for a mini session event at my home.  Since then the truck really hasn’t moved and it doesn’t run.  I dream of using it all the time but I hate having to ask for help.  Especially when I can’t make up my mind on where I want it parked exactly!  But high fives for Farmer Ernie…he said “lets do it” and we got it moved over to a big red barn and the Mini sessions are ON!!

I am so excited I know you can’t tell at all ha!  This year the set is big enough for families, and even extended families if you wanted to get everyone together!  It’s the perfect belated Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift or Early Christmas present!

4th of July Mini Sessions Pictures American Flag Vintage TruckP I N_______I M A G E

The set will change slightly for the session dates…when I can get more help moving the truck but this is the basic idea of the set!

4th of July Mini

June 23rd & 24th (evenings)


20 minute session

5-8 digital images to share and reprint as you wish.

Choose your time to book from the options below!

Vintage Chevy Truck Blue Flag Red BarnP I N_______I M A G E

With this large of a set it is a great time to have the whole family out!

Wave Flag American 4th of July PicturesP I N_______I M A G E


I love these giant 6ft x 10ft American Flags I purchased for this set!  Find them at my amazon affiliate link below.

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