2019 Wins Baby Steps and Consistency

2019 Wins

I know I know…who in the world talks about their 2019 Wins, when we haven’t even made it thru the 1st Quarter!  Yet, here I am creating a whole blog post on it.  Is there anything earth shattering here?  Nope?  Just simple baby steps and consistency and promises I made to myself that I am working hard not to break.  Thank you Rachel Hollis!

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Baby Steps

This year I set out to do a few things…ONE..create a course.  Well…I’m working on it…and I keep saying it outloud so I have accountability to stick with it!  There will be one and possibly TWO in 2019.  Baby Steps…movement everyday.

For Christmas I was gifted (to myself..oops) a Fit Bit Versa.  I wanted to get moving more and needed a new watch so I thought this would be great.  At first I just tracked my sleep and steps.  But at some point…I managed my goal of 10,000 steps 3 days in a row.  From that point on I made a promise to myself to get the 10,000 steps.  This BABY step meant pacing my house many nights to get those last 1000 steps.  FYI…it is 100 steps from my mudroom door, down the hall, around the dining room, figure 8 thru living room, back thru dining room, living room, kitchen and back.  Well…thats a lot of laps!  ha!  Many days I sit at the computer to work and find myself severely short of 10,000…but I promised me…and I am sticking to it!  So…if you see me pacing the studio, or walking in place while at my kids practice talking to other parents…now you know whats up!

At some point in January I decided I would try AGAIN to do the BBG 12 Week Challenge.  Full disclosure…I bought the Sweat App over a year ago and only did two workouts.  But something this year triggered me to get started.  I made it thru the first workout, then the second…pushed thru the 3rd…and then decided I was sticking to it.  And here I am 9 Weeks (techinically 10..but I missed the workouts the week we went skiing) in and still going strong.  Don’t get me wrong..I don’t love it.  But I do love that I have stuck to it and proud of myself.

Lastly, I have been very consistent drinking my SPARK and taking my PROBIOTIC every morning.  It is my routine and it definitely helps with my daily energy and well…regularness!

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I share this post not because I we all put so much pressure on ourselves to do all the things!  When maybe what we need to work on is one thing at a time…and let them build on each other.  Give yourself small wins…and before you know it they will be BIG HUGE WINS…and those wins will feel natural because you have been WINNING each day!


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