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Stitch Fix Review

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Stitch Fix Review - Melissa Rieke Photography


I am so excited today to share my Stitch Fix Review.  This is my 10th Fix….and yes I am hooked!  I can’t tell you how many times I have video’d or photographed my fixes to share with you and just haven’t done it!  This year, 2016, is going to be a DO IT year for MRP though.  So…no more…I don’t have my makeup finished…I look tired…I am in my scrubbies…I sound silly on film.  This year…I am just going to let that all go and share!  I now for me unless I am just in a wonky mood I want to find out more info on these things before I dive in.  I want to see others opinions before I spend my money on something like this.  We all have the fear of disappointment right?  Well let me tell you up front…sometimes it is disappointing…but going out and running around to 10 different stores is WAY more disappointing in my book.  Plus I have gotten some of my favorite pieces from my Stitch Fix…so I will continue on.

This is my 10th fix.  I started around 2 years ago and signed up for a fix every other month.  What is wonderful about Stitch Fix is you can sign up to receive a fix every two weeks, every month, twice a year…and you can skip any time you need too…or better yet add in an extra Fix!  One of the things I also like about my fix is most generally everything fits.  Seems crazy to think that someone that has never met you…has never seen a picture of you can fit your size, but their form you fill out is so great that they pretty much nail it every time.  I mean…jeans for a 5’10” gal with a  long torso and no but…I can’t even find jeans for myself!  But…Stitch Fix has sent me my favorite pair of jeans.  (I must say…they are still my favorite even after I put on 20 lbs after being sick…can we say PERFECT STRETCH).

Of course I have had some GREAT fixes and some not so great ones…but I almost always find at least one piece I love and wear often.  At first I would have high expectations of loving the whole box (I still do sometimes)…but honestly rarely do I go out shopping in a day and come home with 5 pieces I love and will wear over and over.  And…I don’t know that I really need 5 new pieces every time…so I am happy with the key pieces I do keep!

So on to today’s box….I am opening it for you on Video…so you can see my reactions.  (and no judging…I was in for a newborn session today which means I am crawling on the floor and rolling in fur…so I don’t bother much with my makeup…or my hair)  If you know me well…I wear my feelings on my face…so you will see what I think right away!  he he he!

I bet you can guess what I decided to keep and not keep!  But I’ll share with you anyway!

Stitch Fix Review - Melissa Rieke Photography P I N_______I M A G E

So from the video you know that I was in need of some black skinnies.  I tried them on…they are a great fit with an elastic waist band.  I wasn’t sure at first…but honestly I almost always wear a longer top and the wait lays smooth so this works perfect.  They also have a higher rise so no issues with bending over…which is a big problem for me…I do not want to be showing off my booty to clients…not so great for business! 🙂  I also think they will be great with boots…and rolled with booties…and cute with my gold Sperry’s.

I thought I would love the Cardi Blazer they sent.  It had a nice feel and I could move really well in it…but I just didn’t fall in love with the style on me.  I think I am looking for something more structured but still casual.  This felt too much like a cardigan.  Bummer.

Stitch Fix Review - Melissa Rieke Photography P I N_______I M A G E

I did decide to keep this top.  I wouldn’t say it is the most flattering…and I don’t love it with the black pants. However, I can see myself wearing this often with jeans and flats.  Its long enough that I can bend over and still be covered…and its not restricting so I can’t move my arms!  Plus…I am a BIG solids girl…so this breaks up my solid wardrobe a bit without taking me too far out of my comfort zone!

So I kept 2 out of my 5 items.   I got the pants I have been wanting and didn’t have to go on a hunt!  I would say that is a pretty good shopping trip!

Details: Keepers

Black Pants – Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

Gray/Maroon Top – Papermoon Arriba Embroidery Neckline Raglan Knit Top

Details:  Returns

Blazer – Tart Hollis Wool Knit Blazer

Vest – Market & Spruce Anise Striped Vest (said it was gray but was more beige)

Sweater – THML Dila Pullover Sweater

I hope you enjoyed the review and it helps push you over the edge to schedule your first FIX!

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